'Black Dots' in Trail Magazine

A trip to The Lake District in April of 2015 marked the beginning of the Black Dots project. With previous projects I've generally let the work go public quite early on, however with Black Dots I adopted a different approach and kept the scans close to my chest. This time, I wanted to be 100% happy with every image I made, from focus, light quality and composition all the way through to the way in which the images communicated with each other and how effectively they portrayed the projects 'goal'. Of course I've been running my journal over at which has documented the project so far but that only shows behind the scenes images and goes into detail about the locations I'm visiting. 

When shooting in Snowdonia in Februrary of this year, I found myself sitting with a beer and making conversation with two guys sitting on the table next to me. They turned out to be the photographer (Tom) and editor (Oli) from Trail Magazine; the UK's leading hill-walking magazine. We got chatting about the work I was making and they were keen to run a piece on the project. We exchanged emails and kept in contact - throwing ideas back and forth until eventually in the June issue they ran with an incredible six page feature with the rather spectacular title: 'Embers In The Dark'

This is the first time that any of the work has gone public and I'm so happy that it's being presented to an audience who can directly relate to the subject of the photographs. Readers of Trail are avid hill-walkers and users of bothies all across the network. A huge thank you to the team at Trail and all the readers who responded to the work.

A big lesson to be learned here about the importance of networking and how big things can happen over two pints in a Welsh hostel...!