Romania Project Diary - The Ebb and Flow of the Creative Process

For the duration of my ongoing work in Romania, I will be writing a series of articles for On Landscape detailing the creative process. The articles will feature behind the scenes images taken on my D-SLR/iPhone/whatever I happen to have on me at the time as well as pictures taken by the rangers. The first piece is available to view here

Please note, these articles are only available to those with a subscription to On Landscape magazine. 

These daily excursions saw us leaving the villages behind us and exploring landscapes deep within the project area. The rangers would try their luck with the 4x4 as far as possible, but for the most part, it was on foot. Trudging through tangled forests in waist deep powder, I struggled to find compositions in a confused, seemingly never-ending maze of black and white.
— Nicholas J R White for On Landscape